Camp Nanowrimo

OK, so I stopped at 16, 000 words last year and have hardly looked at it since. So what. Still counts as a win in my books.

I had popped back  to say that this blog will be restarting in November when I will purposely be taking myself out of Real Life (including turning down any roller derby bouts I might have coming up – you cannot know the level of sacrifice that requires) to try, once again, to write a shit novel in a month.

HOWEVER, in light of recent events (i.e. the bombshell that is Camp Nano) you may find me up and blogging [read: procrastinating] a little earlier than that. Let’s see how we go.

In the meantime I’ll be posting a whole load of vapid shit over on my Blogger blog, which has been up and running for about 5 minutes. Or since March. Whatever. Anyway, come along and post comments so I can pretend I’m popular and important.



5 thoughts on “Camp Nanowrimo

  1. Bryna says:

    Reaching 16,000 words is still an accomplishment worth recognizing in my book too. 50,000 words in one month is an enormous task…. on the edge of ridiculous. : ) Bon chance with Camp Nano!

    • Sasperella says:

      Hey, thanks very much! I see-sawed between being thrilled that I’d written 16K on a single topic and being devestated that I’d so badly missed the 50K mark. NOT THAT I’M EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE OR ANYTHING!!

      Have you ever given it a go? Planning to?

      • Bryna says:

        Ha, ha! You crack me up! 🙂

        I participated in my first NaNoWriMo last year. I think it’s one of the craziest things I’ve ever done. Quite liberating, but absolutely crazy. I just barely made it out with the word count and my life.

        Have you ever participated before 2010?

  2. Sasperella says:

    Brynya – Nope, 2010 was my first time and it was WAY more stressful than I’d anticipated! I’m going to give it a go again this year and damn well smash my previous record! My author name is Sasperella if you wanna buddy up!

    Also, GO YOU for hitting the wordcount ON YOUR FIRST GO! Shouldn’t be allowed if you ask me – it makes us Lesser Mortals feel like the failures we are ;o). You must teach me your magic procrastination avoiding tactics!

  3. Bryna says:

    I guess my secret weapons were determination and getting everything that I could possibly get situated before November began done. I made sure my house was super clean, lesson plans were ready to go (I teach part-time), and that I had plenty of ideas ready to go. That way, I only had to do small things to maintain the rest of life. Not that it helped much because I still constantly felt like I was drowning. 🙂 The pressure was really on, though, because my students knew what I was doing and constantly asked for updates. They kept me very accountable.

    I’d love to buddy up. My author name is SBRoberts. I just sent a request, so we’ll see if I did it right.

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