Closed until further notice


Due to the double dibdab recession, we’ve been forced to lay dust sheets over everything, turn off all the lights and pull down the shutters: Sasperella’s Story Shack is officially closed until further notice, and we expect to be gone for some time.

If you’d like to keep up with the non-author-stalker gibberations of the proprietor, Sasperella, (a.k.a. Enid Blight’em #42) then you are most welcome to follow her on Twitter where she will mostly be making innane comments about roller derby and Other Things.

Very best wishes and thank you for your time,



2 thoughts on “Closed until further notice

  1. literatelibran says:

    I watched as soon as you posted this. I wanted to rail against it, to fuss and fight and argue and tell you not to give up. Instead, I’ll say that I’ve waited a while, and ask: why? Is there a story recession?

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