Notice of Development Works

NOTICE: development works to be carried out during the month of December.

Next year, Sasperella’s Story Shack is going on the move – and you’re invited to follow. With a one-way ticket and some very vague plans, I’ll be leaving (indefinitely!) the glorious heartland of Yorkshire for the frenetic metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand. It’ll take four weeks to gain appropriate qualifications and then I’ll be let loose on the world, teaching Engrish as a second language, clumsily adjusting to life in an alien culture somewhere, adventurising, failing at life and experiencing extreme bouts of anxiety.

To summarise, the Story Shack will be morphed into an Adventure Book. If the prospect of reading the stress-seeped tales of a lone female adventurer doesn’t appeal then I suggest you cease reading immediately. If, on the other hand, you think it sounds like something you might be interested in then please pull up a beanbag, pour yourself a hot chocolate and stick around.

If you wait long enough, there might even be something interesting to read.


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