Visa la Kingdom!


Got a visa, innit. In my passport. Looks dead pritty.

I’ve got 3 entries; 3 of the old in-outs (not in that way you filthbags). Wherever shall I go? How about That Laos? Then on to That Cambodia through That Vietnam? Sounds pretty good. Sounds like a truesome adventure. Maybe into Myanmar? Rangoon – Mandalay, train travel the whole way, singing ‘Nellie the Elephant’ and quoting Austin Powers: “Summers in Rangoon, luuuge lessons”.

Not long…

4 weeks, 3 days…


4 thoughts on “Visa la Kingdom!

  1. davidbrookesuk says:


    “Sometimes we’d make meat helmets … He would womanize, he would drink … Sometimes he’d make outrageous claims, like he invented the question mark…”

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