Day 2: Bats, rats, dragons, and a well-deserved piss

Today I wandered for hours. I discovered a stationary shop so overwhelming that the experience bordered on the religious.

Nature I have seen:

Rats. 1. Almost ran over my foot as I was negotiating a pavement by Lumpini park.

Bats. 1. Swooping suggestively over the night market by my cousin’s apartment. We shared a beer here even though it’s a governmentally-enforced ‘dry’ weekend because of the elections tomorrow (I’m well up on Thai politics, obvs…)

Dragons. 2. Meandering lazily around the lake’s edge at Lumpini park. They may have just been Monitor lizards, but they were definitely more like ACTUAL REAL LIFE dragons.

Birds. Multiple. Some with powder-blue eyeshadow and lipstick; some with black backs, white faces and bright yellow beaks; some a cross between crows and kookaburras. Some just disembodied feet/heads. YUMZA.


In addition to my exciting nature-related experiences, I have also eaten my first Thai meal proper. Chicken and glutinous rice for lunch (om) and Masaman and Thai green curries for dinner (NOM). Went to Patpong market. Saw a stall selling toy aeroplanes and dildos. The stall next door sold light weaponry. Fun for all the family. Saw a woman offer a man an ACTUAL binder full of women, but in a horrible sex-trade way rather than a Mitt-Romney-Is-A-Douche way. Much less mileage to be had from that, alas. Pissed in my first squat toilet looked after by old ladies with no teeth. Saw a tshirt that says “Same same”. I need it in my life. Discovered English-language bookshop for travel guides (don’t need no other books – got a KINDLE, innit!). Two doors down there is a LOMOGRAPHY shop(!). These are both near the godlike stationary shop.

Falling asleep again. It’s only about midnight here but my cousin’s kids get up early, about 6am, and it’s killer. PLUS, I walked about a million miles today. My mum’s going to love the shopping here. It’s wild. The heat, too.

Ok, I keep nodding off. There’s loads I haven’t said. Mostly that this is like the romance phase in the first few months of a relationship: everything BKK does right now – even stuff I’m sure I’ll come  to hate – gets spun in a positive light. I love the way it rains. I love the crazy-mad pavement driving. I love the incomprehensible signs, the gritty markets, the glorious dinge of tumbledown streets. I love the smells, even when they’re bad. Everything is bright and new and exciting. I am experiencing a BKK love story.

OK, DEFFO falling asleep now. Have all the fun xxxx

[Edited 03/03/2012 as I’d gone delirious by the end and nothing made sense]


3 thoughts on “Day 2: Bats, rats, dragons, and a well-deserved piss

  1. nic says:

    Glad you are safe and having all of the adventures! I hope that you got pictures of the religious-experience-inducing stationary shop? Go to sleep! xxxxx

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