Episode 0: Swapping roaches for leeches

Whassup treacle teasers. It’s been a while. I’ve done many things in this while including (but not limited to) jollying about in waterfalls, jumping over things, and learning 7 new Thai words. I’ve changed. I haven’t really changed, only my clothes and only when they really start to smell. But things are different. Why, you might ask, are so many of my belongings packed away in bags or boxes? Where are the photos on the wall? And what are all these emails from AirAsia doing in my inbox?

I’m off to Nepal. By way of Malaysia. In a couple of hours I’ll be clattering south on one of those fantastic ramshackle trains I love so much, crossing the boarder on the day my visa expires, stopping off in Penang for a Penang curry and a quick shimmy about, then back trainside, off at KL, find accommodation, rest. But not for long because I want to see the Batu Caves and try what I’m reliably informed is some of the best streetfood in the world. And have a general look around. One must always have a general look around. And then, finally, on the last of the days of the month of August (because it adds melodrama and a greater sense of an ending), I fly to Nepal. In a plane.

Two of my most diabolically wonderful chums will meet me. We’ll explore Kathmandu for two weeks. Shimmy about. Do yoga. Meditate. Then the real adventure begins. Trekking Annapurna. No guides. No porters. Just us, ourselves, and the leeches. It’s been a while since I visited Exercise Land, and I’ve never been walking for more than two days in a row so it’ll be tough, and when it rains and I’m cold and sodden and miserable all the way through because the wind’s all BLOWING on me and my feet are wet… well, maybe then you might, if you look carefully, be able to spy a teensy bit of glum. But POOH to that, buddy, I’ll be climbing MOUNTAINS! Adventures aren’t always jolly jaunts, you know. You need to have something to struggle against to really feel that sense of achievement in the end. I can’t wait to be on the trail. Can’t wait to walk from village to village. To meet people. To see what life is like there. To watch mountains reveal. To met my first leeches. I really hope the others will want to sing mountain songs as we go. Singing carries the heart and makes the load lighter. We’ll need that as we go.

Anyway. I’m doing that thing where I go on about Stuff and forget that this isn’t a personal journal. I’ve said goodbye to the boif, I’ve had a coffee, my final sweet stickyrice noms so I guess it’s time to get my last bits of stuff packed up.

Fuuuuuck. Adventures. See you on the other side, winos xxx

Waterfall at Erewan National Park

Waterfall at Erewan National Park



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