42% more pizazz


That’s kind of a joke. Not the “I’M BACK” part – I really am back from the massive, accidental 3-month-and-some blog hiatus. It’s the “BETTER-LOOKING THAN EVER!” part I’m on about. Did you notice? The Adventure Book has a new format, courtesy of getting bored and wanting something with a bit more pizazz to brighten up my life.This theme, as well as almost being my name as said by a Thai person, has approximately 42% more pizazz than the previous theme.

Of course, art imitates life. I, too, recently gained a new format, and I, too, am now 42% more pizazzy than previous versions of myself. What am I talking about? THIS:

20150309_151317Reader, I dyed it. This is the latest, greatest and most long-lusted-after offering in my (recent) run of dip dyeing my hair. Luxuriously sea green. Ain’t it great?

That’s all that’s going on for now. Let me know what you think about the new theme and tune in next time for more REAL updates about The Great Thaiventure!


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