World Book Day 2011


Derek Landy (of Skullduggery Pleasant fame, obvs) is writing a book for World Book Day. Y’know who else wrote a book for World Book Day this one time in the past? That’s right, NEIL ‘I’m-excessively-smug-and-look-how-kooky-I-am-with-my-messy-hair-jeez-don’t-you-just-WISH-you-were-a-cool-and-successful-author-like-me’ GAIMAN. Brilliant. I can’t wait. I get to judge these two writery froods on a level playing field. A COMPLETELY level playing field that will be in no way hampered by the excessive, pointless and groundless prejudices I have against Neil ‘Hey-everyone-come-and-see-how-smug-I-am’ Gaiman. Nope. No way.

Currently reading: ‘Sunnyside’ by Glen David Gold. (This is just something I’m going to put in from now on. For interest. But also just to prove that I do read things that AREN’T books-meant-for-kids-but-wot-I-read-anyway. So ner.)


Running and Word Sprinting

Today is a success. My first word sprint (500 in 20 mins) using Write or Die (thanks for the tip Ms Plumb xxx!) PLUS an actual real-life run. The latter was disgusting, obviously, but the former marks the most words I have written about my NaNoWriMo project to date. Winzies.

After that incredible effort I think I ought to go to bed. Up early tomorrow for another word sprint – but no sprint-sprint… my ankles hurt!

In the meantime why not:

♥ gaze longingly at some Bookshelf Porn.
♥ dwell on other people’s brilliant Literary Tattoos.
♥ play some Bookworm.
♥ or… JOIN IN WITH NaNoWriMo!

Night, night! xx