Hunger Games. Kindles. The Next Big Thing.

NANOWRIMO you say? No. Never heard of it. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please go away.

Oh, hang on, have you read The Hunger Games yet? I sure hope so cos, as I told you before, it’s going to be the Next Big Thing.

Everyone I know is going Hunger Games crazy. By which I mean, plural people I know have now HEARD of Hunger Games. Some of those people are even reading it. Exciting times. When they’re finished maybe we can sit around and talk about how great it is. Maybe someone will say “I like that bit when blah blah blah” and someone else will say “I found it interesting when yadda yadda yadda”, and I’ll go, “MAAATT DAAAMON.”

It’s a lot to hope for I know but hey, I’m young and idealistic and I’ve yet to be ground down by this cruel patriarchal society and by not being a millionaire or a successful YAF author or a roller derby superstar.

I’ve tried author-stalking Suzanne Collins but she isn’t all about the social media which I find unfortunate. I like to imagine that she lives in a hippy commune somewhere. They grow their own food and keep their own goats for milk and cheese and they make their own clothes from natural materials. They don’t use electricity and there’s an old woman who looks after the bees and they poo into long-drops and then compost it and use it on their land. It’s a hard life, but they rely on nobody but themselves and so they’re happy. Without Facebook. Somehow.

It’s a shame that there isn’t a universal font that shows when you’re just joking about. Or when you’re sort-of joking.

Anyway, look. The Point is this: Hunger Games. Gender performance. That is all.

I’m now off to buy some Judith Butler from Amazon. It’ll look so pretty on my bookshelf.

IF I get it in book form that is. The book costs £10 but the Kindle edition is a bargain at only £3.69. I’d have to buy a Kindle as well, naturally, so perhaps at first this doesn’t seem to be the best idea, but put it together with the probable fact that I’m only ever going to read ‘On Liberty’ if I get a Kindle (BECAUSE I’M NOT PAYING FOR IT IF I CAN DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE, NEVER MIND THAT I DON’T LIKE READING FROM THE SCREEN BUT DON’T HAVE A PRINTER TO MAKE A HARD COPY) then I’m sure you’ll agree it adds up. Kindles are £90 on Amazon right now. It’s tempting. Initially I wasn’t a fan but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. I hate carrying books around. I don’t like to be weighed down unnecessarily. OR necessarily, in fact.

The thing that would sway it would be if you could word process on them. Nothing fancy – I’d be happy with a little MS Notebook type thing. And if you could write electronic sticky notes and put them in the pages of the book you were on, then view all the notes attached to a particular book and/or compare them with other notes you’d made in other books. Using TAGS maybe. That’d be the clincher. I’d buy the SHIT out of a Kindle if it could do all that. And if it had an audio-book option, fine. If it could play all my music, brilliant.



Go Go Gadget NanoTechnology

No, seriously, see what I did there? It’s hilarious. I used the expression ‘NANOTECHNOLOGY’ to mean ‘technology for NaNoWriMo’ rather than the more generally recognised ‘technology wot is, like, *well* small, innit’. I’m a blinkin’ (heavily sarcastic and rather drunk at this point) genius. Or not a genius: APPAZZA, according to Wikipedia, Nanotechnology “is the study of the controlling of matter on an atomic and molecular scale”. Yeah sure. Whatevs.

Anyway, look. There’s bloody loads of brilliant-sounding (although largely untested my me, so I can’t really comment on its actual brilliance) writery technology out there. Here are two music-based technologies that I’m all excited about at the moment. I’d explain them but, you know, I’ve got wine to drink an’ that:

Fave music stuff
SPOTIFY – Like borrowing someone elses music collection, but in an excellent way. Download it, type in what you want to listen to, and there you have it! You can – almost unbeliveably – create playlists etc using even the free version. Even the annoying adverts (which you don’t get if you cough up and pay for the Premium subscription) don’t spoil it…
Last FM – Music radio online. Type in a song or artist you like, and Last FM will use this to find tracks that are musically similar. Brilliant. Free. Win.

Tonight I’m listening to Gomez, Fleet Foxes, Temper Trap, and the brilliant song that my imaginary boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt dances to in 500 Days of Summer, You Make My Dreams. Speaking of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, if you like aforementioned man, or love good film shorts with quirky visuals and scripts, then I DEMAND that you watch Morgan M. Morganson’s Date With Destiny immediately. When not swooning over my imaginary boyfriend I’ve been browsing the TV Tropes website on the advice of a fellow NaNo-er (be warned: it’s highly addictive and is going to be one hell of a procrastination tool when it all kicks off) and checking out a whole host of…

Story writing software

Storybox – I didn’t really like the way this looked so deleted it almost immediately. I’m shallow like that.
Storybook – Better looking than Storybox but still a bit fiddly for the stage I’m at now… maybe later. – A nifty on line corkboard that’s simple to look at and just as simple to use. First impressions are pretty good. – THIS IS A GLORIOUS INVENTION! Online mind-mapping, simple to work, beautiful to behold, free to use. You can test it out without signing up and I IMPLORE you to do so immediately. Thank you to NaNoWriMo’s EvilBenFranklin for bringing this into my life.

More technologies to come later, when I’m less likely to fall off my chair asleep.