‘Be fine

It’s Thursday night. I’m leaving Glorious Yorkshire on Saturday morning. I fly out to Abroad a week today.

Just sayin’.

I’d kinda expected someone to stage an intervention by this point, if I’m honest.

“OF COURSE YOU CAN’T GO AND LIVE IN THAILAND ON YOUR OWN, YOU IDIOT!”. Passport stolen, probably burned. Someone rolling their eyes at me. Tutting. That kind of thing.

It hasn’t happened yet but I can only assume that the moment is near. I’m alert; poised for action; expectant. I’m keeping an eye on my passport at all times and, yes, of course I’m wearing matchsticks in my eyes at night, just to be on the safe side. Because OBVIOUSLY The World knows this scheme probably a bad idea and that I can’t really be trusted with all Life and Adventures and that. The World definitely knows that, right people?

‘Be fine, though. That’s my new situation-specific motto. It’s good because it slips off the tongue real nice alongside a little shrug of the shoulders and makes everything seem more manageable, like when you wash your hair with L’Oreal, because You’re Worth It.

Yeah. ‘Be fine.


1 week to go…


CELTA interview and perfect aspects

Passed my CELTA interview, paid my deposit and handed in my notice: I am DEFINITELY (hopefully) going to Thailand to [learn how to] teach Engrish.

Interview was nerve-wracking. I didn’t know all this STUFF they seemed to want to talk about. “How do you form the Perfect aspect?” Well, I don’t know. Get an imperfect one and… like… tweak it a bit? Whatevs.

In retrospect, though, I don’t think that knowledge is up there on their list of priorities. Fairly sure they only want to make sure you have the power of human speech, can string two words together, and use the little-heard American dialect known by anthropologists as ‘Engrish’ (we’re paying them, remember). I passed on all counts.


5 weeks, 3 days