Procrastination #1

I’ve been working overtime to procrastinate my way through the week and, now, the weekend. I woke up the morning after my last post and did a cool 800 words before work — I think it freaked me out.

I *had* written a post all about Why I’m Doing NaNoWriMo and What I Hope To Get Out Of NaNoWriMo and also about poetry. That didn’t really need to be in italics. Anyway, reading it over I decided it was dull so to to save us all a lot of boredom I have edited and and summarized in bullet points:

♥  I WANT TO KILL OFF MY INNER EDITOR [which may be difficult seeing as I couldn’t even leave a simplez blog entry alone]
♥ The plan is to go for QUANTITY and pay no attention to the quality when trying to reach the 50,000 word target. Let it be shit. REVEL in its shitness.
♥ I have been reading Charles Bukowski’s The Last Night of the Earth Poems, like.
♥ I today bought two books as throwbacks to the MA – Myths of the Norsemen and English and Scottish Ballads.

Though I’m really not sure about planning this project I accept that I’m going to need some sense of direction for when it all kicks off – I’ll try and work on that tonight. I’ve got a Word Sprint planned with some other Yorkshire NaNo-ers on the 1st so I need to make sure I’m prepared…


Running and Word Sprinting

Today is a success. My first word sprint (500 in 20 mins) using Write or Die (thanks for the tip Ms Plumb xxx!) PLUS an actual real-life run. The latter was disgusting, obviously, but the former marks the most words I have written about my NaNoWriMo project to date. Winzies.

After that incredible effort I think I ought to go to bed. Up early tomorrow for another word sprint – but no sprint-sprint… my ankles hurt!

In the meantime why not:

♥ gaze longingly at some Bookshelf Porn.
♥ dwell on other people’s brilliant Literary Tattoos.
♥ play some Bookworm.
♥ or… JOIN IN WITH NaNoWriMo!

Night, night! xx