What is this?

“I had an idea and it was AWFUL”

Scary Go Round sticker

You know when you book a one-way ticket to Thailand even though it might be a terrible idea? And you plan to stay for a year but you accidently Found a roller derby team and stay for four-and-a-half years instead? And then you book a one-way ticket to The New Zealand even though it’s definitely a terrible idea because you don’t have a job and it’s really far from home?

Yeah. THAT.

Welcome to Enid’s Adventure Book. Terrible decisions. Boring consequences. Roller derby. Animals. It’s just another bloody travel blog.


Enid Blight’em
Spinster at heart; skater at calves; writer at fingers.

Enid holding a plate holding a cake as big as Enid's face, but less gormless (Enid's face is particularly gormless in this photo: eyes wide and bulging, mouth open, cavernous nostrils)


5 thoughts on “What is this?

    • Sasperella says:

      Thanks duuuuude! Cambodia was brillzvillz – mostly Siem Reap. The Killing Fields and S-21 were… an experience. Hope you guys are all good!

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